You + Me = x

That’s the equation we are constantly discovering “x” for.  Each of us are our own special universes, with a past, love, memories, families, and pain.  Two individuals, now combined in life and eternity.  The obvious “x” is our son, but marriage and family is so much more than just what comprises our demographic.  Every corner of our homes and our lives tells a story, and then that story is stitched together — scrap by scrap — to make a new Whole.  It’s less like a tapestry, and more like a patchwork quilt.  We are living deliberately, loving deliberately, and raising a family deliberately.  It’s about living life on purpose.  We’ve never stopped being who we were, even though we are working towards who we will become.  Once individuals, now a family. It’s not complicated, if you think about it.


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