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Overwhelming Urge to Create


Despite my Extreme Transition Lifestyle right now, I am still subject to my creative urges.  Crochet is one of my personal favorite ways to create.  It’s like organizing a skein of yarn into many perfect knots, which produce a useable, beautiful, and in this case adorable object.  In the future I’ll direct you all to my Etsy store and let you browse my bursts of creativity. Right now is not the time for that, though.  In the meantime, you can enjoy these pieces.


This pattern was purchased from Inner Hooker, on Etsy (well, on Ravelry, actually, but you might not be a yarnie).  (I just invented that word, but you may use it).  I altered the pattern some, but not significantly.  These were made as a gift, so I don’t have to haul them around… and I cannot wait to create for my home, once again!  {soon}


52 Reasons (Are Just the Beginning)

I got this idea from Pinterest, and if you use that site you’ve no doubt had this idea, too. The “original” was credited to Paper Vine’s blog, but I modeled my project after this gal’s rendition. Anyway, what follows is my Valentine gift for my husband, who is deployed to Afghanistan right now.




The construction of this was quite simple and straight-forward, with the true value coming from the list of fifty-two things I love about my sweet man. The list came easily, and gave way to more and more items. I combined things that were on my first list so that I could add new things. There are major categories of things I love, and then an infinite break-down of subcategories. The taxonomy of my love for him is vast and not easily numbered.

Since he’s been gone I’m drawn to the Big Reasons, and the Little Reasons alike. For instance, I’m convinced of his character, and adore him for being someone I admire (and whom I’m honored to raise a son modeled after). But I’m equally in love with the way he makes my coffee and delivers a punch-line… because those simple things aren’t a part of my life any more.






The project was completed without much more than a deck of cards, a hole-punch, and some sticky labels. I didn’t antique the edges of the labels or use any photo-editing software. I’ve spent the past ten months living away from home, in a way to empathize with my husband while he’s gone. Also, because no home of ours would ever truly be home without him. It’s just as well I not live there. So my “craft room” doesn’t exist and projects like these are genuinely from my heart, to his.

In two months he’ll be home! I love him for promising to never leave me again.