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Taco Baby

The problem is that pregnancy cravings don’t appear like normal cravings.  They are seeded deeper in the mind, and don’t feel like an opinion.  For instance, when you aren’t pregnant someone asks, “what are you craving tonight?”  You run through a list of restaurants or pantry items in your mind, and you arrive at an opinion, I had those pot-stickers last Tuesday so Asian food is out, but I’m curious about that new Moroccan restaurant… So you make a choice.  Or, in the worst cases perhaps you watch a Digorno’s pizza commercial and decide you need gluten and cheese to make you stop visualizing it.  It does happen that from time to time we get a taste for something — salty, sweet, spicy, etc — and satisfy those “cravings in a moment.  Often times the craving itself comes out of seeing the desired item (like, you can resist sweet cravings if there is no chocolate in the house…).

But when you are pregnant, this rational approach to decision-making is no longer a choice.  Suddenly as you fold laundry you fantasize about tacos.  Or cupcakes.  You need something spicy and wrapped in a tortilla with the same urgency that you need to pee, or nap, or drink water.

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