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Remove the Fight

So much is going on inside my baby son’s head these days. He plays with his words and sounds, giving them rhythm and rhyme. He sounds like a preschool rapper! His energy has peaked, too, making him literally bounce off of things. He’s pinging with neural activity. He’s also constantly either on his way into or out if trouble.

Today I “removed the fight”, as I call it.

We got dressed and left the house after breakfast. We first ran two errands I had, and as he began to lose patience and get hungry, we went to Chickfil-A (my favorite – for him and me!). He ate five nuggets before running for the playground.

When he broke a sweat chasing other kids I took him out for one more errand. He fell asleep in the car afterwards, and remained asleep for an hour after we got home.

Without arguing, or repeatedly putting him back in his bed, without crying or sassy responses, he had a full day with good food and plenty of rest.

This kid is going to make me have to approach parenting by the back entrance and trick him into subordination, but I’m up for it.  I’m certainly not going to argue with a toddler!